What Does WWW Stand For Again?

World Wide Web?  Not in this instance.  Wrist Watch Waterproof?  No, but at least you’ve been paying attention to my previous posts!

So let me put you out of your misery, dear readers, as on this occasion it stands for  “Wizard Welsh Wine” from White Castle vineyard! 🙂

Believe it or not that’s 5 acres of vines and owner Rob told me there was still half a tonne of unpicked grape still out there at this time of year!
We’d seen the vineyard advertised on the local “foodie” web as being close to Abergavenny and Monmouthshire, so on the spur of the moment we decided to take the Land Rover out and go exploring for it, after all, being so close how could it be so difficult to find?

For some reason both sat nav’s were in the Galaxy, but as we sat in the Freelander ready for the off I foolishly said to Debbie “”never fear, you’ve got your iPhone and that will navigate us there”.  Big mistake, for as far as I know although there are always at least 3 satellites overhead in Wales, in terms of mobile phone coverage 3G is much more elusive….

About 90 minutes into what should have been a short 15 minute journey we finally arrived flustered (short for not on speaking terms) & starving at the fantastic Clytha Arms, made famous in a previous post, only to find out that they’d stopped selling food ten minutes before.

What made it worse was the smells wafting around the premises and the lip smacking smugness of clearly contended patrons of the establishment.  Slightly deflated we finished our drinks and made the decision to restart the expedition the next day with a sat nav firmly glued to the windscreen.

As in many things in our lives together, the Gods really were smiling down on us despite our previous discomfort.  So by sheer luck the next day when we glided to a stop outside the vineyard tasting parlour, the owner of the establishment Rob was on hand to give us a 1-1 tasting & explanation of their produce.  He wasn’t there the day before you see…

Rob is an Abergavenny boy brought up on a farm, a manager in the Post Office who left to pursue his dream of living of the land. He was also a dab hand at rugby too…

This is Nichola his wife who only discovered he’d bid on the smallholding at an auction post event when he asked for the chequebook! I note on the business card she’s the managing Director though! 🙂
Unfortunately I love tasting wine, although not a sommelier like my ex-colleague Carol H famous with her winesandgrapes.com blog.  Also tasting most unfortunately turns me from a tight fisted Yorkshireman to a “money no object” loadsamoney as you can see below! 🙂


Note the Welsh provenance (Red Dragon!)
We started slurping (Keith Floyd is a hero of mine dear “gastronauts” as you may have guessed) the 2014 white which was absolutely delicious.  I won’t attempt to describe it but suffice to say it put my normal Waitrose box of vino blanc into heavy shade and two bottles were promptly ordered.  Next we tried the red which I knew was not a big favourite of Debbie’s and I could sense with glee a significantly reduced order.

Disaster swiftly followed as she loved it, especially chilled, so I ordered two more bottles.  Feeling more relaxed we were offered a taste of the rose wine which normally neither of us are fond of and disaster struck a second time, we both loved it and shortly afterwards I was being relieved  of a not inconsiderable sum.

Now Wales is a small world and I couldn’t believe it when Rob told me the name of his website developer, only our new next door neighbour Andy B!  We also realised Rob was quite famous as he’d recently appear on Terry Wogan’s BBC programme “Terry and Mason’s Great Food trip“.

After enquiring of Rob if he was up for a sales job in Gartner (my thinking was to refer him to via an existing employee and split the fee) I sadly received a negative response & then he then went for the jugular by describing a wine and cheese party on Friday 13th (how apt) he was hosting at the “Get Together” Coffee Shop & Wine Bar in Abergavenny.  She who must be obeyed nodded and after leaving the considerably richer victualer behind we made our way back slowly to Abergavenny and procured two tickets.

Worse was to come today with the realisation that wine of this quality and expense needs to be nurtured and savoured, so I found myself heading back out to the shops again and buying a wine (and separate beer) chiller cabinet all ready for Christmas 2015!  Such is the hard life we live here in Wales….


What Does WWW Stand For Again?

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