Tintern Parva Farm Vineyard

You saw from my previous post that “Wizard Welsh Wines” are the order of the day for November 2015!  As a result Debbie and I paid a visit yesterday to Tintern in Monmouthshire famous for its Abbey and also a vineyard called Parva Farm.

We were greeted by the delightful owner Judith D who told us that November was normally one of their quietest months for visitors, but we were made most welcome and invited to sample the produce…


The vineyard is only just over two acres, so about half the size of White Castle, but when it was planted in the late 1970’s the tradition in those days was to have the vines much closer together, so as a result production of wine is actually higher.

You can just see the vines in the top right of the photo taken below from the shop where we both tasted 3 wines, white, red & rose, with Debbie sampling their mead as well, as I was driving I thought I’d better pass!


Alas, the wines tasted fantastic, so we ended up buying 2 red, 2 rose, 2 white and a bottle of mead for Christmas, the latter having quite a kick to it according to Debbie as it included ginger and other spices alongside the honey.

IMG_0652 IMG_0653

All we need is the wine cooler now, hopefully being delivered this afternoon! 🙂

Tintern Parva Farm Vineyard

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