Busy Days Behind (& Ahead!)

Yesterday I went mooching, as my dear father would have called it, on my own in Merthyr Tydfil, which for some reason our TomTom sat nav pronounces as “Mer – er – there” much to our amusement.  Trust me to buy a GPS device that also says “Abergavenni” or “Cardif”!

While I was happy searching for bargains, I dropped Debbie off with her “forever” friends Sian, Wendy & Val.  They were all dressed up in tiaras, tinsel and had secret Santa presents to give each other.

Debs, Sian, Val and 3/4’s of Wendy…

Now in the immortal words of Austin Powers “that ain’t my bag baby” so after I had manfully dropped Debbie off at Wendy’s house late morning and made my way into town, I parked the Freelander free for two hours in Tesco’s.  My plan was to recce the charity shops and try and secure a bargain fly fishing rod and reel ready for next season in 2016.

Alas, my hopes were dashed, but always one for a bargain I spotted the near complete Inspector Morse set of paperbacks for £5 (for some reason Colin Dexter‘s first novel “Last Bus to Woodstock” was missing but I’ve just ordered it from Amazon Prime) and so this was immediately procured.  Incidentally, at the checkout I got “mugged” by the volunteer to buy a packet of charity Magic Reindeer Dust for £1, this helps them land apparently, we shall see! In the meantime I’ve referred her for a sales position at my previous employer. 🙂


Next, I walked further on to a shop selling second hand electronics, DVDs and games which was full of fellow bargain hunters like myself.  Full of the Christmas Spirit I pushed & jostled my way in and started a search for a DVD by Jack Charlton on fishing that I’d remembered seeing years ago on TV.  Alas like the rod this too failed to materialise when my roving eye settled on a triple disc pack of Jacques Cousteau famous for his underwater world while on board the research vessel “Calypso“, remembered in one of my favourite John Denver songs.  This brought back happy memories of watching him explore wrecks on TV when I was young and a bargain at only £2 too!

Laden down with my bargains I made my way slowly back to the Land Rover and picked up Debbie for the journey back home.  Not before refuelling briefly at  Wendy’s with a sandwich and a mug of tea, leaving behind a globe artichoke secured from Tesco’s for the vegetarian…

Waking up today we had our usual daily morning dose in bed of recently retired Victor Meldrew made famous in “One Foot In The Grave“.  Personally I can’t see any resemblance to my own situation, although I do own a flat cap….

Photo on 22-12-2015 at 11.52

Anyway, after muttering “I don’t believe it!” as I viewed the never ending blustery rainfall, we got into the LR and headed off for our Christmas Bronze Turkey from an organic farm just outside Raglan (famous for its castle apart from birds for the table), the turning for the farm is down an incredibly narrow “road” but we got there safely and picked up a 10 lb. specimen pictured below.


Next stop a quick trip into town to pick up a few necessities from Wilko (dog food, make up remover etc) then a trip to Waitrose for as Debbie puts it “the last minute bits” such as sprouts, parsnips, garlic, carrots & of course Welsh potatoes…

I know of course all too well from 26 years experience that it’s just the forerunner of ever more desperate last minute shopping tomorrow and Christmas eve.  Still it’s worth it as we celebrate our first Welsh family Christmas!

The other thing to look forward later in the day is the arrival by rental car of Alex who’s dropping off Emma for Christmas.  He will return with Emily for the New Year’s celebration.  Tomorrow I return to Yorkshire with James to pick up Grandma Shores – it should take us about 8 hours plus recuperation time.

My reward for all this festive bonhomie?  Debbie has promised me my traditional turkey giblet stew on my return! 🙂

More pictures tomorrow dear readers…..

Busy Days Behind (& Ahead!)

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