Changing Track

OK dear readers, not only is retired, but so has most social media I used to subscribe to such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.  So if you want to find out what Peter & Debbie Shores are doing going forward you’ll have to read instead!  Mind you if you’re reading this post then it looks like you’ve done that already!

Christmas is always a strange time of year for many families and 2015 has been no different for ours.  As a result of some family discussions we’ve decided to make some further changes in our lives together.  First and foremost, we’ve decided to concentrate far more on getting healthy and cutting down on “bad” things.  I gave up smoking over 20 years ago (& Debbie’s never been tempted) so I’m hoping that cutting right back on alcohol, making more effort to eat healthier and stop spending so much time online in favour of exercise will do the trick.

Given that we’ve both successfully made the move to full retirement and relocated back to Wales, then this part is really the last piece in the happiness jigsaw.  We shall see what progress we make via this online diary or newly named “Escape to Llanfoist” blog!  I’ll also try and take before and after photos to document visible progress on the road to fitness and good health.

After all there’s no point in being happy where we now live, finally financially secure and with time to enjoy life if either of us fall ill, so fingers crossed! 🙂

Changing Track

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