Alex’s hire car

All good things come to an end sadly and yesterday we waved off Alex and Emily back to London, but they didn’t go home alone, oh no!


As they should be moving soon from their rented flat near Waterloo to a new house we decided to give them some “spares” post our own move in the form of the following:

(Imagine the Genration Game conveyer belt & you’ll get the idea)

A black IKEA glass table lamp

A silver Homebase table lamp with sky blue shade

2 metal toilet roll holders (floor & wall)

A Dyson mini vacuum cleaner

3 cushions(sans covers)

A wall mounted triple coat hook

A vacuum flask (full of tea plus ham rolls) but alas no cuddly toy…

They got back to their flat safely, unloaded and dropped off the rental car (Vauxhall Corsa) safely which was a big relief!


Afterwards I applied online for a 30% off railcard for two that we hope to use in 2016, for visiting London, Cardiff & if we’re lucky Tenby!  These were our two photos…



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