Expensive Day

Well I sure hope my Ernie winnings, our two final pension lump sums from Hargreaves Lansdown and potential PPI miss-selling compensation from Nationwide get paid soon, as we had a rather expensive day today!

First stop was at our local cook shop where a cream weighing scales was ours for £24, followed by a heavy duty camera/telescope tripod and a second black vinyl record album storage box bought from Shackletons for a very reasonable £125…

Hamish got a haircut at the vet today, pictured below, but what I can’t understand is the comments made when we picked him up at 4pm by the young girl who groomed him.  “Best behaved Westie ever” she intoned, with a big smile on her face as we parted with another £36!


After that we went to Specsavers where we both used our  “Golden Tickets” to get half price 3rd pairs, mine a pair of polarised sunglasses ready for fishing, Debbie’s for distance viewing.

Finally, we went to Waitrose where a small Tefal frying pan, pop up storage jar and various food and drinks closed the account for the day for a resounding £70 plus…

Gott in Himmel!

Expensive Day

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