Hi Fi(ve)!

Just as we start to “thin out” the house, take the Christmas tree(s) down etc, we decided on the need to invest again in quality HiFi record player.  We chose a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable, Denon amplifier and AE101 speakers from our local Abergavenny music shop “Music One”.  Yesterday we paid a £200 deposit on this combination, it should be installed in the top floor den next Monday or Tuesday if everything goes to plan.

As I also had some good news on the Premium Bond front, namely 4 £25 prizes, I treated myself to an antique 1950’s Webley .22 air pistol in a posh wooden case for £90 that was the same model that my father bought me as a young teenager over 40 years ago.  I’d seen it at the local flea market a week ago, but decided I couldn’t justify it, so thanks Ernie!


At the same covered market held under the town hall Debie continued to rebuild her vinyl collection to the extent we’ll soon need another GPO storage case…  I saw a signed 45 single of the Stranglers in the HiFi shop, but was too afraid to ask the price!

Watch this space.



Hi Fi(ve)!

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