24 Days Later…

Well, here I am again, “24 days later” is not a bad reference to the post-apocalyptic film of (nearly) the name, but acknowledgement of the fact that I’ve been a tad busy and not posted for a similar number of days since “Snow!” was published!

Debbie and I joined CADW recently and we paid our first visit to one of their historic sites, namely Raglan castle pictured below.  I’d been there once before, many moons ago when I took Kent Withington (an American Pfizer colleague) on a short visit to Wales one weekend when he was over.  We didn’t go in but just looked from the outside so this was the first time I actually got to see the ruins close up and very impressive they were too.

Debbie looking very smart 🙂

Now the weather outside on this windy & rainy Monday morning while I’m writing this blog is courtesy of storm Imogen and is not nice at all, but coming back fromWindsor/Roehampton yesterday visiting Emma was no picnic yesterday either, so I’m relieved to report we made it back safely.

The pictures above show us with Emma outside Froebel collage where she’s in the last 6 months of her PGCE before graduating in July.  Debbie and I are really looking forward to seeing this recognition of a lot of very hard work in order to get NQT status 🙂

Whilst in Windsor Debbie took Emma clothes shopping and I managed to escape and go mooching for some more vinyl, Dr. Hook, Dire Straits, Wagner (Die Walkure) – I do have varied (eclectic) tastes in music after all…

Well, that’s all for now, we have a visit from Mark to hopefully finish some “taping” work in our bedroom, a delivery of our new gaming table & 2 chairs for the 2nd floor landing (outside the den) which I intend to use as a platform for chess, monopoly etc!




24 Days Later…

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