The Dragon & Kast Off Kinks

Yesterday was a real fun day here in our Welsh escape paradise!

Firstly, Debs, James & I drove over to Caerphilly castle, which after a few navigational hiccups on foot, yielded a dragon (covered in young kids) coming out of the ground.  On this occasion we didn’t visit the inside of the castle, that’s for a later day, as the dragon could only be viewed from outside the walls near to where we parked the Freelander which we only found out after traipsing over to the main entrance!

When we eventually got back to Llanfoist, we got ready for the “Kast Off Kinks” show at 7.30 in Abergavenny’s Borough theatre as can be seen below (I got told off before for photo during a performance so this is just the set!) – doesn’t Deb look fab? 🙂

The band were fab too, the lead guitarist was so close we could almost touch his guitar and the medley of songs included greats such as “Dedicated Follower of Fashion“, “Waterloo Sunset” amongst many others.  A great night out!

In case you’re wondering if your eyes are deceiving you I can confirm Debbie’s looking fitter than ever, look at her on the top of Blorenge recently taking Hamish for a walk – unfortunately I’ve not made quite the same progress due to an occasional addiction to a cooked breakfast, but even I need a belt to hold up my trousers now….



The Dragon & Kast Off Kinks

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