Mother’s Day Remembrances

For some reason Cliff’s memorial plate is more weathered than Glenys’, which e’ll keep an eye on, but the flowers that Debbie arranged looked magnificent

One of the benefits of living in Abergavenny is that it’s now possible to visit the crematorium gardens at Llwydcoed (pronounced th-lloyd-cud for any English out there I believe) where Debbie’s parents ashes are interred.

The gardens have a magnificent view overlooking the Cynon valley and the surrounding mountains.  Given it was Mother’s day on Sunday 6th March 2016, Debbie, James & I packed a bag of scissors, aluminium foil, rubber bands, bottle of water, kitchen roll, as well as  a bunch of flowers and made our way towards Merthyr in the Freelander via Brecon as the normal route was closed for rock blasting!

Despite the mud surrounding the graves we’d brought our wellies and a good job too.  What struck us was the sheer number of people paying respects that morning, we’d never seen so many people and it was good to think that so many loved ones were being remembered not forgotten.


Mother’s Day Remembrances

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