The Famous Four Go To Porthcawl

Ok – I admit it – I’m a huge fan of “the Famous Five” by Enid Blyton hence the posting title! 🙂

So, despite being nearly ten years old, Hamish is loving the increased exercise that comes courtesy of living in God’s own country here in Wales!

Yesterday Debbie came up with the idea that we should visit Porthcawl and with the A465 Heads of the Valley Road being reopened, the four of us (Debs, James, Hamish and I) decided to make the trip to the beach.  The idea was to combine giving Hamish some further exercise as well as have a good excuse for eating fish & chips on the front….

Porthcawl has a lot of memories for Debbie as her parents often used to visit the beach when she was young and as luck would have it the direct “old road” journey was particularly beautiful in the sunshine.  We duly arrived safely and despite an illegal turn by your truly into the “no entry – exit” of the car park, there was loads of space, although the parking ticket machine was even more complex than normal….

The beach was full of dogs exercising their owners and we readily joined in as can be seen below, by cunningly deploying ourselves into a triangle formation we got Hamish to run continually between the three of us with the inevitable result!

What’s this huge puddle up ahead of me?
She’s not got any gravy bones left….
Exhausting stuff this running, I think I might have…


hamish 2
…a sleep on this side…
hamish5 maybe this!

Before we left for home we visited the local fish & chip shop on the front and ordered 2 lots of fish & chips (a very reasonable £5.50) and a fish on its own.  We were very lucky to get a table and chairs outside and there was a huge rush of people just as we placed our order.  So much so that the friendly proprietor said the two teas were free and only charged us for the bottle of water and when the third fish was finally cooked we got chips thrown in for free – good job – as I’d inadvertently doused James’ with salt & vinegar which he hated!

Note the hungry canine eyeing James’ meal in the centre

All’s well that ends well as they say and we all had a fantastic day!

The Famous Four Go To Porthcawl

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