Marriage Guidance

One of the few problems of being an Englishman living in Wales & married to a Welsh lady is the semi-regular occurrence of England vs. Wales (or is that Wales vs. England) in the Six Nations rugby!

Today is the big match in Twickenham, not that far away from where we used to live.

Passions are running high already in the household, Debbie refused to let me take James to work this morning in my new England rugby shirt saying it was far too warm outside (it isn’t) or that I could get beaten up later when we plan to go to M&S in Merthyr….

Apparently all I’m allowed to do is sit inside the lounge, watch the match on TV with her dressed in her new Welsh rugby shirt, me in mine, but with the curtains closed!

I asked her this morning if she was ashamed of me being English and just for a second there was a slight pause, followed by a faraway look into the distance, a grimace followed by “of course not love”…

Weapons are now drawn, victory will be decided on the field of combat with the results posted later…


Marriage Guidance

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