Congratulations Alex & Emily!

Today we had a request from Alex & Emily to have a “FaceTime” videoconference around 1.30pm and so Debbie proceeded to do her full makeup routine in order to look good for the occasion.  I on the other hand had started to grow a beard (again) the day before, so made the command decision to go for the status quo!

The call to Debbie’s pink iPad Air duly came through after many abortive attempts our side to dial Alex’s and despite us guessing wrongly that the topic was all about them buying their new house, so we got an even nicer surprise when we saw Emily wearing a beautiful engagement ring!

After Debbie stopped crying and I managed to stop grinning like a Cheshire cat (not before displaying my own new gold chain of course) we got the full story of the proposal, the night before on the Albert Bridge, where Alex had booked two musicians (1 a cellist I believe) to serenade her after popping the question.  Fortunately she said yes!  🙂

Note the impressive bridge (I mean ring!)

Truly a VIP indeed and we all sent our congratulations to the happy couple – with James & Emma reminding their big brother of how the three of them looked in a slightly older photograph -before he got engaged!


Congratulations Alex & Emily!

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