Owen Money (& HMS Monmouth!)

Last night Debbie and I saw Owen Money‘s “60’s Juke Box Show” at the Brecon Theatre.  His show started at 7.30pm with tribute acts of Dusty Springfield, Matt Monro, Mama Cass and a rather energetic youthful Tom Jones!  We really enjoyed ourselves and I ended up buying more CD’s this morning while reading in bed relaxing.

Then Debbie surprised me by suggesting we go to Monmouth again – not just to go back to M&S Food – but to see the sailors of HMS Monmouth exercising their “Freedom of Monmouth”right to march in the streets as the ship was berthed for a few days in Cardiff.

This was something I really was excited to do and I have to admit seeing them march this afternoon just after 2.30pm brought more than just a tear to our eyes as we remembered my father, as we’d put a picture of him in navy uniform on the order of service at his funeral.

The band played “Men of Harlech” and “A Life on an Ocean Wave” which sounded great as they marched towards us then we followed them to the town square where the dignitaries were waiting for the salute!

Once finished we headed back to the car albeit with a brief visit to M&S on the way.



Owen Money (& HMS Monmouth!)

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