Amazon Prime (Not Optimus Prime)

I thought I’d tip the wink about a great deal I got last year signing up to Amazon Prime – special price £59 – rather than the normal £79 for 12 months.

Apart from free next day delivery on both large and small purchases on Amazon, I also get Amazon Music which is pretty much the same as Apple Music, Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Cloud backup (unlimited storage for photos) which to be honest is a pretty good deal when you add it all up.

Sony Blu-ray has WiFi connection to Amazon Instant Video…

Now if only they included Kindle Unlimited to read as many eBooks as I’d like, rather than just one via the Kindle owner’s lending library,  I’d be ecstatic!  Even so it seems great value for money and I’m now listening to a lot more music in the “office” – as I write the Stranglers are blasting out “Big in America” yeah….  Last night we watched an Amazon Prime video too in bed on our new player but I don’t think it will be goodbye to our DVDs yet!

Now I’ve just dropped Debbie and Emma off in town for my (only) daughter’s hair cut – James and I are waiting for the call to meet them for lunch afterwards – so I’m rehearsing my compliments strategy as I write!


Ladies’ haircuts seem a lot cheaper here in Abergavenny and Debbie told me that Emma laughed throughout most of her time in Fedora and to celebrate after a quick sojourn in the Wednesday under cover market we all went for a late afternoon snack in the “Eat Your Heart Out” cafe.  We’ve not been in before and very good it was too. 🙂

Amazon Prime (Not Optimus Prime)

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