This is Not an April Fool!

It’s not often I reminisce about my Gartner work days any more but April Fool’s day always reminds me of the email my then boss Roger Kemp sent out to the UK-Ireland sales force announcing my promotion “This is not an April fool’s – Peter Shores has been appointed UK-Ireland leader of Executive Programs!”  🙂

Actually it was joint leader with one Judi Edwards although after about 6 months she decided to revert back to being an Executive Partner, the first of many “team leaders” as for many reasons management wasn’t seen generally as a good thing….

Before my memory goes let me try and list those incorrigibles who were seduced to the dark side apart from Judi.  Let me think, Duncan Chapman, Sue Yoe, Anna Maria Nenna, Mohammed (Khal)id, Simon Jones, John Adey.

Of course Khal was promoted to be leader for Benelux and John & Simon were still in position when I retired.  Good luck to them all, but my enjoying (early) retirement is NOT an April Fool, as can be seen from yesterday’s family visit to Tintern Abbey!

Emma used my Nikon D3200 and professional tripod to take photos which she’s put up in her entirety on her Facebook and very good they are too!  I just wish I knew how to use it outside of automatic mode!

After our visit we had a snack in the adjoining White Monk cafe, great facilities these monks enjoyed!



This is Not an April Fool!

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