White Castles Galore

Our favourite Welsh vineyard is called White Castle, but we’d never visited the Cadw castle it’s named after called White Castle!  So on a rather blustery April Fools’ day, just before Emma went back to London, Debbie & I paid a visit with her and Hamish to look round it.

We passed the Walnut Tree restaurant on the way and turned right past the vineyard on a single tracked road towards the castle, fortunately encountering no traffic coming the other way.

Although Debbie and I are Cadw members I expected to have to pay for Emma as 1st April is the start of their charging season for this venue, but the kiosk was firmly shut despite at least 3 cars being parked up.  In fact I was glad I had the Freelander as the only space left was next to a hedge at a 45 degree angle which made getting in and out rather tricky!

Despite this and the adverse weather we had a good look round, the castle was much bigger than I’d realised with a large outer wall.  Inside was an area equipped with picnic tables and I made a mental note to return on a warmer day equipped with victuals!




White Castles Galore

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