Pen y Fan Conquered!

When Debbie and I moved to Wales last August, we set ourselves a number of goals, not least making a success of our lives going forward as a retired couple, still in love after 26 years together!

Well, much to my surprise this morning, after watching 2 episodes of “The Good Life” in bed, Debbie told me to get a move on and get dressed in outdoors clothing and drive us to the car park near the Storey Arms just outside of Brecon where we were going to make our first attempt on Pen y Fan.

I couldn’t believe it, surely neither of us were fit enough to make the summit just yet, even though this was on the top of our “bucket list” goals?  Despite this & equipped with my Berghaus fleece, Debbie’s M&S windproof jacket, warm gloves, hat, small rucksack, 2 packets of crisps, one packet of polos and a bottle of water, our hastily convened expedition left Llanfoist in our trusty 4×4 towards Brecon around 10am….

The car park when we arrived about 10.30am opposite the Storey Arms was full, so we headed past into the larger car park on the left near the toilets and burger vans…  The last time I had parked here was at night in full combat gear carrying a Sterling SMG in an army 4 tonne truck 30 years ago while doing my Squad 29 basic training in the T.A.!

Instead of going straight up across the bridge on the easy path up to the summit (in ignorance it has to be admitted) we walked along a man-made clinker track 300 yards back to the Storey Arms and went up the smaller, more arduous path towards our goal.

Heading towards the Storey Arms Centre
First leg of the walk up looking towards the Beacons reservoir
“Selfie” with Pen y Fan in the background, we just forded the Blaen Taf Fawr river
Nearly at the summit of the first peak (Corn Du) , looking down towards the Llyn Cwm Llwch (lake)
One last push to summit Corn Du…
Selfie from Corn Du
Ridge walking to the summit of Pen y Fan
Half way – what a beautiful view!
“Sir” Peter Shores & “Sherpa” Debbie Shores at the summit
On the way down we took the easier route straight back to the car park
Safely back, by this time my calves were struggling but Debbie was still strong!

What a fantastic day, and what a fantastic wife!  So proud we did it together and we’ll have this sandstone memento (purloined near the summit) inscribed like Popsy did for his little piece of Blarney Castle all those years ago! 🙂

One painted on I’ll put up an updated picture!

As promised!


Pen y Fan Conquered!

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