Day Nine: Falmouth

After quite a rocky night we docked safely very early at 5am with the weather quite overcast, blustery & cold, the Captain having definitely making the right call to divert away from the Scilly Isles.

View of the docks from the Astoria

The Astoria’s “gangplank” was put into position and after a leisurely breakfast Debbie & I walked ashore around .  We were met by friendly port officials who had been roped in at the last minute to service our unplanned arrival.  We’d just missed a shuttle bus going into town but it wasn’t long before another made it’s way to us & we were given the obligatory town map to help us on our way.

falmouth map

It was to be a fairly short visit to Falmouth as the all aboard time was 2.20pm so we headed past a small shopping mall full of seafood shops including one of Rick Stein’s chain.  They didn’t open until noon so we continued walking further into town and stopped off at a pub that was open for a quick drink and to decide what to do next.

IMG_0936The pub was quite full of people mainly drinking and looking at the menu I could guess why.  t was really noisy too as the pub seems to be configured “upside down” with the cellar above our heads going by the noisy slam dunk of full barrels being delivered!  Swiftly downing a pint of their best bitter (good) and with Debbie leaving most of her half of cider (grim) we continued exploring until we hit a parade of shops.

There nestled inconspicuously was a restaurant displaying lobster on the chalked menu so we (I) went in with much anticipation.  Alas that was from the previous night and they’d run out of lobster, but they did have mussels in white wine and cream sauce, so we decided to stay and have lunch there.

The wine accompanying the meal was excellent and I had an extra large bowl of mussels which I think was two starters put together.  Little did I know of the consequences that choice would bring 24 hours later!  In any event we had a very enjoyable time relaxed eating and drinking together, our last lunch away from the Astoria before the end of the cruise.


Suitably refreshed & anaesthetised we strolled back towards the shuttle bus meeting point in a nearby car park and headed back to the ship for our last night on board before returning to Avonmouth (Bristol) and home at around 8.15am the next day.

Day Nine: Falmouth

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