Day 10: Avonmouth (Bristol) & Home!

We’d packed our three large suitcases the night before, so it was just a question of putting them outside the cabin before midnight ready for porter collection in the early hours for disembarkation in Avonmouth dock.

Despite this accomplishment I woke up in the night feeling a little queasy & trying not to disturb Debbie I crept over to the bathroom.  There really was a bath in there, not just a shower, which is quite unusual I believe but my thoughts centred on seeking out the miracle cure for sea sickness that is a Kwells tablet!

On this occasion though taking one didn’t seem to work too “well” (pun intended) and I had a rather fitful sleep that I put down to having to get up for an early start as we had to leave our cabins at 7.30am.

Given that main disembarkation started only at 9.15am and our turn wasn’t scheduled until 10.30am, we were in for a bit of a frustrating wait in the ship’s library as people in more expensive cabins went first….

As 10am finally came round, I was starting to feel quite ill and had to make frequent visits to the public bathroom, apologies dear readers!  Eventually the “Orange” labels were called and we made our way down the very steep gangway to shore that we’d climbed in reverse 10 days previously.  By this time I was sweating and desperate to pick up the luggage and get them into the Galaxy and head off home.

Debbie, bless her, felt fine and did everything she could to help but with a brief goodbye to George & Thelma who where waiting for their pre-booked taxi to arrive I shot off home guided by my wonderful sat nav.  I say wonderful as I was very quiet on the whole journey home, unable to hold a conversation with Debbie, just concentrating on the voice guiding me home and trying to shut out any thoughts such as an increasing urge to be sick.

With seconds to spare I pulled into our drive and gallantly I raced upstairs to our en-suite leaving Debbie behind in a storm of suitcases.  I just made it and without going into too much graphic detail I relieved myself of the contents of my stomach four times.  It was the Falmouth mussels I’m pretty sure.


My dear wife realising that  this was only a temporary attack of food poisoning, not severe Norovirus as I claimed, brightly informed me that she had loved having no part in cooking, cleaning, had really enjoyed visiting the different locations the liner had stopped at, the “all inclusive” drinks package & entertainment laid on and could we book another cruise as soon as possible?

Wiping the tears from my eyes I smiled manfully and responded as I always to to “she who must be obeyed”.  “Yes dear, in a minute, in a minute…”  As I write this blog just over two weeks later I look back on the holiday and despite a rather untidy ending, you know what, I think we will cruise again.

Oh and this coming Thursday afternoon we’re meeting up with our new Welsh friends George & Thelma for a catch up!





Day 10: Avonmouth (Bristol) & Home!

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