Yesterday, Llanfoist hosted a small part of the 2016 Velothon for Wales, namely a roundabout from which the professional bikers headed to the “Tumble” or the steep road snaking it’s way up the Blorenge mountain.

The poor cyclists had to do this twice and I noticed a helicopter in the distance watching their agonising progress, what I’ve have given for a bird’s eye view myself, as even the Freelander gets tired driving up that stretch of road!


There was a large police & official organiser presence when Debbie, Hamish & I walked up to view the event on Gipsy Lane.  The weather forecast had been rotten with lots of rain predicted, but apart from ten minutes sheltering under a tree it was actually quite warm & sunny.


When the main bunch of riders came hurtling to the roundabout I couldn’t believe how fast and close together the bikes were, nor the huge entourage of cars carry spare bikes and what looked to be ambulances which maybe were carrying spare “human parts” following them!  Maybe! 🙂

The organisation of the event looked good, with several roads round South Wales were closed to normal traffic, much to the angst of local businesses, however most people we talked to said what great fun it was as a spectator sport and we tended to agree.


What struck me was the sheer police presence – normally something noticeable for its absence here in quiet Monmouthshire.


Also the fact that BMW appeared to be major sponsors of the event judging by the two cars that appeared for a breather in-between the cyclists.

Where are these elusive cyclists I can hear you say?  Well, for some reason my finger slipped while holding my iPhone so rather than take a photo I seem to have taken video instead.  As you can hear from my commentary, this was on the second circuit of the Stumble and there were a lot fewer cyclists on this occasion.  Alas when we saw the original group we had only just arrived and my camera phone wasn’t ready!

Youtube Clip


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