Horses (& Quasars)

Now careful readers of this blog may have noticed a transport theme appearing in the last few posts, which continues (with a twist) with this one!

The plan for today (Monday 23rd May) was to drop Emma and James off at Grange Trekking for 1.30pm, about 12 miles away from Abergavenny in the Black Mountains at Capel-y-ffin on the B4423.  Their trekking adventure was due to end at 4pm, but Debbie & I had to be back home ready for our farmhouse coffee table to be delivered to the “den” by Paul from Nicholls.

The road to Capel-y-ffin was very narrow and twisty, with loads of blind corners and full concentration was required from me while driving the Galaxy.  After the breakdown of the Freelander I didn’t fancy taking it on longer trips until she’d proved herself reliable again.

The journey down wasn’t too bad although a steady stream of German cars in a bizarre convoy following us (& ahead) made me wonder if the Fourth Reich was on it’s way.

Finally, after 40 mins drive we arrived and paid the balance of £54 – it was £32 each for half a day with £1 each for the hire of horse riding hats – less the £10 deposit we’d paid on booking.  Very reasonable I thought & we made our way back home with a sheep & 2 of her lambs causing us to back up a tad to let yet another German motorised convoy advance towards Hay-on-Wye – maybe they were going to burn some books perhaps?  The Germans, not the sheep naturally…

Porsche 944 brutally attacking 3 Welsh sheep

After the successful delivery of our new furniture we had 30 mins of listening to music with Hamish before I made the weary way back to the trekkers who we managed to photo just as they arrived back at the centre.

They’d had a great time with some “near death” experiences on the narrow trails halfway up the mountains.  Apparently the centre has 39 horses and some wag made the comment about how one must have fallen off recently as there was bound to be 40 originally…

Later, Debbie & I headed off to take part in the “Great Quasar Debate” being held by the Abergavenny Astronomy Society and Professor Mike Edmunds from Cardiff University College of Physics.  The talk was at the Kings Head Hotel in Cross street starting at 7.30pm & as we left a most interesting session around 9pm I realised just how much I’d forgotten (& missed) in the 33 years since I’d finished my MSc Astrophysics at Queen Mary.  Lifelong learning indeed!  🙂

The Sky at Night in Abergavenny (pun intended)
Horses (& Quasars)

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