Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal (by Foot)

Hamish our Westie can be a real pain sometimes, he isn’t the most affectionate dog in the world, but when we’re away we do miss him and look forward to reuniting with the “Scottish dog from hell”….

One huge benefit of Hamish though really is that he keeps Debbie and I fit with his daily walks.  When I was working we pretty much outsourced this duty to James, but now that I’ve retired, well, there’s really no excuse to taking him (& us) for regular exercise and to be honest we look forward to it.

Sometimes that means a quick tour of the Mountain View estate, or down the road to the Bridge Inn, but only if the weather is absolutely atrocious.  Normally we’ll take him in the Freelander down to the car park in Llanfoist near the Village Hall and take him down the cycle route that follows the old Abergavenny – Merthyr railway line.

A few days ago I suggested to Debbie (& Hamish) that we park up but instead cross the road towards the local St. Faith’s church where Crawshay the ironmaster is buried.


Up the single track road that leads to the rather steep footpath that climbs up the Blorenge – equivalent I think to the North face of the Eiger – something to be reserved for the days when we’re even fitter.  On that note by the way this retirement lark seems to be suiting us both, Debbie has never looked better and I’ve gone down from a 38″ waist to a 36″!


In any event we walked up the tree-lined road with a beautiful stream to our left which gradually bent round to the right towards a dark tunnel which leads up the Blorenge path.


Turning immediately right though we climbed a steep set of stairs leading up to Llanfoist Wharf on the Monmouthshire & Brecon canal and a most picturesque path, which to the left goes to Goytre Wharf and the right Govilon Wharf.


We’ve taken Hamish up there a few times now and rapidly it’s becoming our favourite dog walk.  Skirrid Fawr doesn’t really count except as a dog marathon!  In fact the picture below shows Skirrid Fawr from the canal side – it looks pretty impressive despite the distance!


On our last trip we saw this wonderful sight of a young female Mallard duck and her seven adorable ducklings, so cute, so amazing they seem to be thriving.





Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal (by Foot)

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