Abergavenny Steam Rally

Well, today was a real hot Sunday and after a late night in the den post Springsteen listening to Emma sing and play guitar we weren’t in any hurry to make our way to the Steam Rally in Bailey Park.

Shortly after midday we left home and spied three paragliders making there way down from the summit of Blorenge, making full use of the gentle breeze I’d never seen that many in the air before, it was a shame they were so high up as when they come into land they fly over our Mountain View estate & land across the River Usk in Castle Meadows.

OK, I admit it, my camera phone doesn’t really pick out the 3 paragliders too well, ahem!  If you look closely at the cloud in the middle you can just see 2 specs of dark, even I can’t spot the 3rd & I took the photo!

After making our way through the entrance and paying £7 each I spotted immediately one of my favourite Land Rovers, the Forward Control 101.  Every time I see one I always turn to Debbie and say “would one of those look great in the drive dear?”, to which I usually elicit a zero response…

Finally we made our way to the central show ground where a number of steam tractors were lining up to be paraded in front of the crowds.  These are all from the early 1900’s and belched out coal dust from their furnaces, rather amusingly all the drivers & passengers were covered from head to foot in soot!




At the end of the parade they all lined up and blew their whistles which was great fun.  The girls were starting to feel a little peckish (I exclude Hamish from this description as he’s always hungry) so we made our way to the food arena where some noodles and a baked potato smothered in beans were devoured.  Hamish licked the bowls clean which were then reused to give him a drink of water.

After that we walked slowly round a bunch of classic cars and an old Escort Mk II caught Debbie’s eye, not a GT like her father’s, but immaculately restored as the photo below attempted to portray!  I on the other hand found a James Bond Lotus car that didn’t appear to be able to convert to a submarine but was incredibly low and again in pristine condition.

Emma’s never been a big fan of cars but the next stop caught her attention with three “one horsepower” Shire horses on show, they too were immaculately kept (groomed).

Next was a quick stop off at an owl and birds of prey stand which Emma made a beeline for as she stroked her “Hedwig“before what was easily the most impressive display of sheepdog herding of a flock of ducks (yes – not sheep) we had ever seen.  The farmer was excellent at keeping everyone’s interest & his 2 dogs performed incredibly well.


By this time we were flagging a little so we made our way slowly back to the exit when this old double decker bus caught my eye, before finally setting off for home ready for the visit of Sian & Alan from Merthyr Vale, with whom we had just booked to go to Greece (Pefkos) in October for a week’s holiday.



Abergavenny Steam Rally

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