Top Gear (OMG)

Just over a year ago I posted Top Gear RIP.  Time passes so quickly I can hardly believe it.

Well, I finally plucked up the courage to watch on BBC iPlayer last night’s reboot of Top Gear with Chris Evans and – oh my God – it was even more awful than the poor reviews I’d read led me to believe!

Chris may be great on radio but on TG he was awful with no empathy and no laughs.  To be honest Matt LeBlanc was a whole lot better, but seems to have been relegated to second place rather than an equal and it all seemed very forced.

The “road trip” to Blackpool was banal, the Top Gun Viper vs. Corvette was a dull as ditchwater and the studio audience looked bemused throughout and didn’t appear to be having much fun.

I lasted until Gordon Ramsay came out with some other chap I’ve never heard of to drive in the new “two (past it) stars in quite a fast car” slot and gave up.  Gor blimey & lor-love-a-duck what a mess they’ve made of the series!


Top Gear RIP, long live the The Grand Tour & roll on autumn on Amazon!



Top Gear (OMG)

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