Two Heroes…

Two heroes have made themselves known to me this past week.  In truth, one is an old childhood hero of mine from the mid 1970’s, the other is a new friend & one half of lovely couple we’ve had a lot of fun with recently as neighbours in Steele Crescent.

Their names?   Steve and Andy (with Helen his wife), I can feel your curiosity increasing, so to put you out of your misery please let me explain.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Debbie was wandering around the Abergavenny market while I was doing some “professional” mooching when she came across a set of 72 Six million Dollar Man trading cards priced at £10 and called me over as she knew I’d been a huge fan of “Steve Austin”.  Big mistake!


After haggling a bit I got them for £8!  We then made our way home where I realised I couldn’t stop there, especially with Amazon Prime offering free next day delivery of the complete box set of DVD’s of the Six Million Dollar Man episodes and reunion movies for a mere £99.

Before long visions Farah Fawcett Majors (as she was called then as Lee Majors’ wife), Bigfoot, the Bionic Woman, Rudy Wells and of course Oscar Goldman reunited me with so many memories…


Moving swiftly to my old friend, next I secured the action figure with bionic eye and brand new red tracksuit and matching trainers I’d coveted as a young adolescent now standing proudly in my den.

Steve Austin.  Astronaut.  A man barely alive (literally).

Now playing with dolls aged 56, may indicate that there is something wrong with me, so I dressed Steve hurriedly so neither Emma or James could see to what levels their father had sunk to since retiring!  Worse is to come, as anybody who knows me well will realise I’m an inveterate collector, so wouldn’t be surprised if Jaime Sommers, Maskatron & Oscar Goldman dolls might follow shortly…

Anyway back to real heroes for the moment and neighbour Andy on Friday had been expecting to launch himself from the top of Blorenge mountain on a piloted Paraglider.  It was a present from his 23 year old daughter currently serving in the RAF out in Afghanistan.

Now upon hearing the details of this “gift” in our local pub over a drink I immediately made sure that Emma realised that this kind of birthday present for me was out of the question having done my military service already.  Although slightly weakening my argument was the fact that Andy is an ex-WO1 in the Royal Signals, a regular soldier too, not reservist like yours truly!

In any event, his flight was scrubbed until Saturday when all the thermals disappeared just as it was his turn to launch.  After what must have been a nerve racking wait overnight and most of Sunday an excited Helen came round to our house about 5pm pointing up at the sky and Andy hurtling towards the River Usk and Castle Meadows.

Unfortunately I was just leaving in the Freelander to pick up James from work so I took this hurried snap out of the driver’s window before leaving and watched Debbie with Helen running down Cooper’s Way to the Bridge Inn to get a better view and ready some drinks to the all conquering hero.

Andy’s flight took just over 7 minutes I believe and cost around £120.  His “pilot” was a ex-squaddie and they marched left, right, left right together off the top!

James duly deposited back home, I made my way quickly to the Bridge & a round of celebratory drinks, when I glimpsed Andy through the window towards the three of us after helping the pilot pack the “parachute” in the field.


Helen ran out to congratulate her man and then the two of them looking happy (& dare I say it slightly relieved?) sat down to a well deserved cold drink as we clapped them in to the bar!

Andy enjoying a very well deserved Carling and clutching a smiling Helen!

Phew – whatever next in our Escape to Llanfoist adventure!



Two Heroes…

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