Bridge Inn Reunion

Now rather a lot of what is happening to Debbie & I in our “escape” seems to centre round our local pub the Bridge Inn.

After a long drive to Roehampton & back to pick up the last of Emma’s belongings from her student accommodation we walked down for some refreshment, mainly a pint of Grolsch for me and a large Pinot Grigio for Debbie.

Richard the barman knows us well now so when I went to pay by card he asked if we’d like another round ready to go so as to speak which after no hesitation I agreed to.

As we headed rapidly to the bottom of our respective glasses you could have knocked us both down with a feather when our old friends from the cruise walked in and joined us, George, Thelma and their daughter & son-in-law Tracy & Nigel.

As reunions go not only was this unexpected but was great fun.  We watched as they ordered the first Thai meal we’d seen close up and I vowed to come back next week as it looked delicious.


Debbie and I are off to Widemouth Bay soon but we plan a “Jolly Boys’ Outing” to Barry Island or Porthcawl with them on our return, should be great fun!

Bridge Inn Reunion

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