Back to the Future: Lynmouth – Part III

Back in March 1990, a freshly minted (I mean newly married) Debbie & I headed off on honeymoon to Lynmouth in Devon with our two children in tow.  At the time Alex was aged six & James was just over two years old and still in a push chair!

We’d booked a self catering apartment for the week owned by the Bath Hotel just opposite.  At the time rented it out to self catering holiday visitors who couldn’t afford to stay at the hotel which accurately described us at the time!  In fact talking to Debbie recently she reminded me that at the time we thought the apartment was expensive…

In any event we had a great time staying there and I can still remember the steep staircase leading up to the first floor flat above a cafe selling (I think) ice cream & soft drinks.  For our first visit to Lynmouth it proved to be a huge success thank goodness as has been our marriage.


So some 27 years later Debbie & I recently decided to pay a third visit to Lynmouth again to savour some happy memories of our time there, whilst laying to rest a rather disastrous second holiday there with James & Emma as teenagers who, yes you’ve guessed it, were bored stiff in the quaint but very quiet seaside village!

Our apartment window on the first floor overlooking the harbour
Selfie with me wearing my gold chain & what looks suspiciously like a fringe

I parked by some miracle just outside the funicular railway that travels up the steep cliff separating the two villages of Lynmouth & Lynton up top.  We only had two hours free parking before we had to move the Galaxy, but given it was just the two of us and it was nearing lunchtime we made our way to the restaurant just across a small footbridge over the river Lyn called the Rock House hotel.  I remembered buying a small wooden sailing ship model on honeymoon as a memento which has survived three house moves over that past 27 years and now sits safely on the first floor landing window in Llanfoist.

Thar she (still) blows….

Alas lunch there was not to be, it wasn’t quite yet noon and the chef was missing so we made our way back to the main village and after a bit of umm’ing and ah’ing over the benefits of crab sandwiches vs. hot food, we decided on oven baked lemon sole at the Rising Sun gastropub/hotel.  Very good it was too and I could help but also partake in the last 5 Porlock oysters they had left as a starter…

Refreshed we then went on a hunt for a second ship to stand in the window of our spare bedroom to see if we can keep that for another 27 years when believe it or not I’ll be 83 years old.  Manners prohibit me from saying how old Debbie will be of course, but here’s the result of our shopping spree in situ back home!


Heading off home the sat nav took us down the 1:4 Porlock Hill  which used to frighten the living daylights out of me all those years ago, maybe after our “fun” drive on Sugarloaf mountain I’ve become hardened against such things, but we took it in our stride this time.


Back to the Future: Lynmouth – Part III

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