Molly & Me

Debbie and I have decided to apply to adopt a 2 year old golden retriever called Molly.  She came from a breeder in Ireland and was rescued by the “Many Tears” centre in Llanelli, Wales in the last month. A week ago today she was transferred to a loving foster home near Gatwick to look after her while waiting for her forever home.

We spoke with her foster mother Julie yesterday and subject to a home check we should be in a position to pick her up within the week, assuming that she and Hamish make friends, which I’m pretty confident about.  The whole family is looking forward to meeting her and welcoming her into our home in Llanfoist.

In the meantime Julie recommended we visit the rescue centre to get an idea of what these poor, frightened dogs are like in their raw state.  We’d watched recently the Panorama documentary on puppy farms, which if you haven’t seen it and love dogs I’d really encourage you to as it should change the way you acquire these canine companions going forward.

Seeing dogs like Molly in the flesh yesterday brought this disgusting practice to life in a way that watching TV can never do.  It’s heartbreaking to realise these dogs have had a terrible life, shown no love, never played with, taken on no walks nor shown affection and just used for breeding for profit then discarded when no further commercial use.

Despite this there are some brilliant people around like Julie and the staff we saw at the rescue centre yesterday and it restores your faith in human nature.  It’s very apparent to me that the staff & foster carers don’t just view this as just any old job and really care about their charges going forward.  Also Saturday being a busy day at the centre we were lucky enough to witness an elderly couple picking up their new dog and it was great to see the obvious love and affection they have for these animals.

As a result we also have the following videos taken by them showing the progress Molly’s made already although Debbie and I are well aware this will be a long road of recovery for her assuming we’re successful in adopting her.

Video 1 of Molly at the rescue centre, Video 2, video 3, video 4 of Molly at Julie’s.

Hopefully I’ll be able to document her progress in Llanfoist in later posts on this blog over time.  Marley & Me anyone?




Molly & Me

One thought on “Molly & Me

  1. Jayne Hobbs says:

    So pleased you will be bringing Molly into your family soon! As a mum if two golden retrievers myself, one being rescued by Sylvia at Many Years last January after 7 years of hell in a puppy farm, I can honestly say you will not regret it! The love and trust you see evolve is immeasurable. Well done xx

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