Good Golly Miss Molly

Little Richard’s song “Good Golly Miss Molly” seems quite apt this morning after yesterday’s six hour return journey to Copthorne to pick up our new addition to the family.  We left Llanfoist pretty much on the dot of nine o’clock and the sat nav was correct in predicting our arrival bang on time at noon.

Julie and her four dogs, including Molly, were on hand to say hello to Debs, James, Emma, Hamish & myself.  We got a very warm welcome and with Julie’s guidance practiced giving thinly sliced frankfurters to our new canine friends.

Molly looked adorable but boy was she thin despite Julie fattening her up since she arrived at her foster home back on the 19th June.  I had to sign adoption agreement paperwork and was given hard copy of a detailed email Julie had sent that morning giving us hints and advice on how to best settle her in, very useful indeed.

The documentation indicated that Molly was about two years old but I tended to agree with Julie’s observation that she looked a little younger, however Debbie & I decided that we should make the 29th June her second birthday so we can celebrate the anniversary of picking her up in future years.

Before leaving we were also given two recycled Virgin Atlantic blankets, one for her crate, the other for her bed that she’d used and had her scent on as well as a supply of food that she was used to which included a mix of dried food, treats and raw lamb breast.  I’d never fed a dog raw food before but when we got home I gave it to her in the garden and she absolutely woofed it down, crunching the bones with delight.

Hamish looking on enviously at Molly demolishing a piece of raw lamb breast!

But I’m getting ahead of myself, so eventually the time came to put Molly in her new large crate in the back of the Galaxy, with Hamish who’d travelled up on James’ lap in his smaller crate next to her for the journey.

At least someone looks happy!

I’m not sure things went exactly to plan though as he promptly turned on his side and fell asleep with Molly looking at him for most of the journey rather quizzically and occasionally looking back at James and Emma in the rear seats.

Ireland, Wales, England & now back to Wales, can’t these humans make their minds up?

The journey back was uneventful apart from incessant rain.  When we got back home James and I carried Molly out in her crate into the kitchen as a rescue dog had escaped from her new keepers that day and had got killed so we didn’t want to take any chances.  Indeed under Julie’s instructions we’d done the same moving her into the car.

Eventually she came out of her crate to explore her new surroundings and after a brief sojourn in the garden she spread herself out next to the main dining table to view her new family & get to know us all at her own pace.  The only challenge we had was getting her back in the house from the garden, especially when it started to rain heavily, but James cracked it with some frankfurter bribery which can be seen here.

Eventually we all gave Molly (and Hamish) loads of treats and reassurance before leaving her to go to sleep in the kitchen after what had been an exhausting day!


Good Golly Miss Molly

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