James: The Dog Listener

James, our younger son, loves working at the Blue Cross in Abergavenny.  In fact he often volunteers to do extra hours as he so believes in the cause and likes the people he works with as well as the customers.  He once told me he prefers animals to human beings and I believe him, not only does he look after Hamish our Westie every night, but his bedroom also houses two tarantulas and a snake!

James was very close, as we all were, to our previous golden retriever Tom who really was more of a cream colour as can be seen in the two photos below.

Given the events of the past two days, we may see Molly our new rescue golden retriever upstairs with James soon once her legs are strong enough to climb the stairs, as we have three floors in our new house!  Her back leg muscles are wasted due to her old life in a breeder’s kennels…

Don’t come too close….

Debbie and I have been encouraging Molly to move out of her sleeping crate in the kitchen and come outside into the garden and inside into the living room with lavish helpings of incentives in the form of kibbles.  Although she is starting to trust us more she is still wary of us and her tail rarely wags as she approaches us carefully for the nibbles on offer.  The only time I really see a difference in her is when I take out the raw lamb breast from the fridge and on sniffing her favourite delicacy she shoots into the garden, but even then she’s still wary of me.

I can still hear you….

What a difference though when James comes downstairs for breakfast.  She’s instantly up on all fours, tail wagging and eager to please him.  James has this knack of going down onto the floor and she approaches and she lets him stroke her.  Today he even managed to get her new harness on and follow him into the living room.


Molly & two friends (James & Hamish)
Molly with new harness and new “best friend”

We need the harness and collar plus two leads as extra security tomorrow when James & I take her to Abbey vets for her second vaccination, although we may well have to restart from scratch again  as I think our vets use a different make to the one done by the “Many Tears” vet.

Never mind, the sooner she’s protected the sooner we can take her out for walks in the Abergavenny hills although we’ll have to keep a very keen eye on her not to escape.  Maybe I’ll carry some raw lamb breast just in case…  It’s a dog’s life (with the right owner).


We need to be careful that Hamish’s (pointy) nose isn’t put out of joint so Debbie and I treated him to some of his favourite yogurt this afternoon in Cafe Nero…


James: The Dog Listener

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