Molly Goes to the Vet

Warning:  only one photo of Molly (& Hamish) today, but great progress in her rehabilitation!


First of all her tail is now wagging even more and not just when James appears with Hamish.  For the first time today she let Debbie and I tickle her ears, under her chin and rub her nose.  Previously that had been reserved only for James although he helped by starting the tickle and then transferring in turn to me and then Debs.

The sun was shining here in Llanfoist and despite all the construction traffic hard at work finishing off the Mountain View estate she and Hamish did a lot of mutual sniffing as well as a few playful leaps in the air (on her part) and scuttling away (on his part) into the safety of the kitchen.

All this fun hid a more sobering journey to Abbey vets for her vaccination and flea treatment (Advocate) later at 2pm.  James & I took her in the Freelander &  arrived there uneventfully 10 mins before the appointment.  We waited in the car park having notified them that we wanted her to go straight in to see the vet given the fact she was a rescue from a breeder & very frightened.  We shouldn’t have been worried, Molly took it all in her stride and despite the extra security of 2 leads connected to her matching collar & harness she seemed more interested in looking around her new surroundings.

Alas as Julie suspected Abbey vets use a different vaccine (Nobivac) to Many Tears (Zoetis Vanguard) so we have to return in 4 weeks for her second dosage during the Eisteddfod!  The vet examined her heart (strong & regular), claws (nicely clipped) and stitches from where she’d been spayed (healed perfectly) and made the comment that what a looker she was!  I thought of Hamish back home and that film “Beauty and the Beast”, or was it “Lady and the Tramp”?  Ah well one out of two ain’t bad!

Next came the weighing and much to our surprise 20.25kg, up from 17.3kg when weighed on the 18th June.  3kg in about 3 weeks not bad at all.  As a result of expected future growth we then got her a single tube of Advocate 250 (10-25kg) rather than the normal multi-pack  for flea treatment and we then headed off safely home.

As a reward for exemplary behaviour she tucked into the last of the lamb breasts and Debbie and I decided to go into town and pick up some more from the local high street butchers and take Hamish for a walk too.

After buying some steak for our supper as well, we were then given free 4 marrow bones, which as I write are being tucked into separately by both Hamish and Molly with gusto.   What with the heat of the sun the marrow fat is dribbling out of the ends and I can see Debbie’s face despairing about the state of the patio….

All in all a very good day!


Molly Goes to the Vet

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