Swedish Nemesis: Revisited!

In a previous post I mentioned my old friend and Gartner business rival Jan Soderberg.  Well, today after a long gap of over a year we finally touched base again by phone and “chin-wagged” together as if it had barely been a day gone by.

Unlike me, Jan is made of sterner stuff and when he stepped down from the Regional VP role in the Nordics he reverted to being an Executive Partner like many managers before him!  My excuse for retiring is that I was too busy enjoying myself as you will find dear readers if you can last out to the end of this post.  There was also the danger I would be found out as an EP by modern CIOs as my “IS Lite – upside down triangle” research may have become a little dated….

Sweden is a great country where everyone looks like and sings like the members of ABBA.  Of course there is always an exception to any rule and Jan breaks them on both counts! 🙂  Nonetheless it was good to hear from him and a reminder to us both of many fun times together over the years that I don’t think either of us will forget.

Now to my new (unpaid) role as the family’s taxi driver, so after dropping James off at work first thing, I then took Emma to meet her friend Josh visiting her over the weekend in Newport where he’d arrived at the train station.  On my return after a period watching Hamish chase Molly about on the lawn, I then watched Murray do the same with his opponent at Wimbledon before reaching for the car keys again to take Debbie to Waitrose for some shopping.

As per normal I picked up the local newspaper the Abergavenny Chronicle when much to my delight I spotted in the letters page my “tome” detailing the dangers of the road leading to our waste transfer station had been published!


What an excellent day, talking rubbish with an old colleague in the morning and reading about rubbish in the evening…..

What a  contented & interesting life I lead!


UPDATE: 21st July 2016


Dear Mr Shores,

I refer to the above and to previous correspondence.

I confirm our client has agreed to settle your claim on a without prejudice basis, a cheque for £88 in reimbursement of your outlay will follow in due course.

Kind Regards

Karen Wood
Claims Manager

Swedish Nemesis: Revisited!

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