This Is The BBC News…

…with Huw Edwards, at King Henry VIII’s school in Abergavenny!


Fresh from being the lead BBC news presenter in Westminster at the new Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle, he’d turned down a visit to Nice to broadcast on the terrible events in Nice, to honour an existing commitment to support the National Eisteddfod here in Abergavenny with his mother in the audience.


He talked and took questions without notes or slides for two hours on what it’s really like to be a live broadcast journalist.  He came across, as always, as a highly credible communicator and very proud Welshman from Llanelli.  Incidentally this is near where Molly’s “Many Tears” dog rescue is based!

There many Welsh sentences, observations on really tricky recent times for journalists, especially in the recent Scottish and EU referenda.  His view was that there was really little constructive debate  with each side laying out arguments favouring their side.  Truth or not, they didn’t seem to care and each side would often attack the BBC for bias whenever robust questioning was pursued.  He was careful to stress both sides of the argument and remain neutral although I sensed his frustration.


He deplored a lack of a Welsh nation voice in terms of news coverage, saying apart from local newspapers, much coverage stemmed from an English viewpoint which resonated with Debbie & I.

A very enjoyable evening with a very interesting man and appreciative audience!

I have to be brief as I’m off to London today with Debbie to attend a 30 year anniversary squad dinner of passing out with the Territorial Army, I hope old comrades can still recognise me with the passage of so much time!

This Is The BBC News…

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