Molly Goes on Her First Walk

Last Monday James and I took Molly and Hamish up to the Foxhunter car park at the top of Blorenge.  I’d managed to get her to wear her harness for the second day running without any fuss again which was a huge relief, so with Hamish in the lead we exited the front door and she followed.  To Debbie’s alarm straight through the border bushes and almost on her tummy she was so nervous!

In the end we decided to put both dogs on the back seats in the Freelander, with James holding onto them, as the dog guard I’d ordered hadn’t yet arrived.  So after a few moments to draw breath I set the air conditioning up to high & we made our way slowly up the Stumble towards the communication mast at the top of the mountain.

Freelander parked to left, communication mast to rear

I don’t think without Hamish being there and so obviously enjoying himself she’d have left the car park but with a little bit of encouragement from James she was off sniffing around as if this was a normal thing for her.  After about 15 minutes walk, stopping off to say hello to some fellow hikers coming down the path, we arrived at the top and as you can see Molly was enjoying the view perched on James’ back.

Climb every mountain, in this case to a rather nondescript trig point

As we made our way back to the 4×4 I glimpsed Foxhunter’s grave, spookily she died the day after I was born and for some reason I’d never seen the plaque before despite losing out for it.

Fox hunter’s grave, the first time I’d ever seen it believe it or not!

As the trio rejoined the back seat together I took this fabulous photo, it has to be one of my all time favourites now.  Hamish and Molly really are like chalk and cheese, not just in colour but in temperament, but one thing I do know they share is the love of a good walk!

A happy trio of passengers!



Molly Goes on Her First Walk

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