Eating Out In Wales

Paradoxically, despite eating out three times in the last week, my waistline continues to reduce.  I put that down largely to Molly’s arrival as she needs walking regularly every day and being such a larger dog than Hamish deserves a longer walk.  Of course that might be doing a disservice to Hamish as when we got him back from the Pets at Home groomers in Merthyr Tydfil the other day I couldn’t help but nickname him “Fatty Arbuckle“!

What every man about town is wearing in Wales in 2016, a sky blue cravat!

The first sojourn was during Eisteddfod week when Sian & Alan our friends from Merthyr Vale came over to celebrate their 33 year wedding anniversary with us.  They’d booked a table for four at La Brasserie Italian restaurant in Abergavenny town for 7.30pm.  We had a great night walking to and fro stopping on the way back at the Bridge Inn in Llanfoist where there was a band playing before heading home where Sian and Alan stayed for the night in the spare room.

33 years married vs. 26 – not bad eh?

Next on our gastronomic journey was a trip back in time to the White Swan in Llanfrynach where Debbie and I first met on a blind date 26 years ago.  I spoke with the owner who’d taken out the lease back in February who told me she’d actually had her wedding reception there many years ago and had even worked behind the bar too!

On this occasion we celebrated with Rose and Paul who made the introduction, so it was a double celebration really as it was a great opportunity to wish Paul a happy 60th birthday, before they travelled to their French holiday cottage the next day for a three week holiday.

Rose and Paul taking a picture of me (or the burger) expecting one of us to perish imminently!

It was here that all attempts at a calorie controlled diet were thrown to the win when I attempted (& failed miserably) to conquer the Pen Y Fan burger pictured below in all its glory.  I think I managed half of it before distributing the remainder around various plates to hide the shame!

The real Pen Y Fan was easier to conquer!

Looking rather glamorous and svelte to my left was this vision of loveliness which seemed to attract more than a fair share of “likes” when posted to my Facebook page.  For some reason I’m not pictured….


Last, but not least yesterday Debbie and I took our good friends from the round Britain cruise George & Thelma for a picnic to the Brecon Beacons Visitors Centre based just outside of Libanus.  We parked up and set up on the green overlooking the real Pen Y Fan!

We slowly carried down from the Galaxy 4 collapsible chairs, a picnic basket, hamper and blanket before tucking into a lovely spread of chicken, tongue & ham rolls, hard boiled eggs, sausage rolls, pork pies, tomatoes, crisps & salad with blueberry muffins, flasks of milky coffee & tea, 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio for the ladies, can of cider for George and a rather amusing can of zero calorie Fanta for the driver….

If we’d taken one of the dogs, it could have been a scene from Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five“!


After a scenic drive through Hirwaun & rejoining the Heads of the Valleys road at Penderyn ( famous for Welsh whiskey & for the third day in a row) we headed back to Blaina and dropped off George & Thema before coming home to Molly & Hamish who were waiting for us patiently in their crates.

The end result after this orgy of eating out?   I feel slimmer than ever!  Of course it helps being surrounded by the seven hills of Abergavenny of which we’ve really only conquered two, namely Blorenge & Skirrid Fawr, so Sugar Loaf next….



Eating Out In Wales

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