Into The Death Zone..

Ok, slight exaggeration here, but today I drove Debbie, Molly, Hamish over to the Fro National Trust car park at the rear of Sugar Loaf Mountain, to reconnoitre the way to the summit later in the “climbing” season, as this is one summit in the Brecon Beacons we’ve yet to complete.

We would never have found the tiny free car park if it wasn’t for the “Seven Hills of Abergavenny” guide book written by Chris Barber, a fellow resident of Llanfoist!


Going through a small gate at the back of the car park, we climbed up a steep & overgrown path initially, out onto a grassy track heading ever upwards for about an hour.

Slow down for me?


To our left we had splendid views of Skirrid Fawr or “Holy Mountain” that Debbie, Hamish & I  climbed earlier in the summer.

It was so peaceful, apart from a few birds there was no-one else on the walk going up we could see despite two other cars parked next to the Freelander.

Skirrid Fawr

After a rather circuitous route through fern clad paths and passing by to our left a small grass airstrip runway together with a billowing windsock, we finally approached our ultimate goal.

After checking our oxygen cylinders (only joking) – I mean our supplies of refreshments, the lack of water for us and the dogs – we decided to save the summit attempt for a later date.

So near, yet so far – Sugar Loaf!

Given the heat and consequently with two rather exhausted panting dogs, we wisely retraced our steps back to the “Hippo”, who’s rear window was quickly lowered to cool Molly & Hamish down and so they jumped in with alacrity for the journey home!

Get me home – quick!

I think next time it will be just Debbie & I making the summit attempt, it’s probably too much for the dogs given Hamish’s advanced age at ten, together with Molly’s recent “escape” from a puppy farm and the need to build up her leg muscles slowly!


Into The Death Zone..

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