Ok, now I’m not referring to that great pop group “Steps” here, nor Armstrong‘s famous quote upon landing on the moon.  No, I’m talking about the steps I’m taking to reduce my middle age spread!

By habit, I’m not what could be called one the world’s greatest exercisers, in fact the only time I’ve ever tolerated running was being paid as a member of the Territorial Army while undergoing a Basic Fitness Test for the purposes of my tax-free annual bounty….

Since “escaping”to Llanfoist just under a year ago (tomorrow is our first anniversary of moving believe it or not) I have got considerably fitter losing 2 inches round my waistline and although I have some way still to go, I’m feeling much fitter to boot.

I put a lot of this down to adapting Molly and the increased exercise she’s encouraging Debbie and I to undertake each day, trying to tire her and Hamish out for a bit of peace in chez Shores…

Of course we semi-regularly took Hamish for short walks in the old days, but now with the two of them living with us and Molly being more than double Hamish’s weight, we’re now exploring much further afield pretty much every day.

This week for example we let her off the lead in Castle Meadows for the first time and apart from enjoying paddling in the River Usk we also found that our new Golden Retriever can retrieve tennis balls, something her male forebear Tom never did!


Intrigued by my slowly firming tummy muscles about a week ago I downloaded an app for my iPhone called Steps, which acts as a pedometer to track just how much walking I am doing each day as follows.

Aug 18     6215 steps 2.63 miles 1.12 hours

Aug 19     5818 steps 2.92 miles 1.04 hours

Aug 20     3183 steps 1.61 miles 39.34 mins

aug 21     6229 steps 2.89 miles 1.16 hours

Aug 22    1828 steps 0.98 miles 23.12 mins

Aug 23     7939 steps 3.59 miles 1.40 hours

Aug 24     7325 steps 3.12 miles 1.29 hours

and just to show you I’m not cheating screenshots from the last two days…

It may not seem too much for those of you dear readers who exercise regularly, but for Debbie and I who until moving back to Wales had a rather sedentary existence, it’s been an eye opener and long may it continue!




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