Famous Four Go To Sugar Loaf Mountain

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, a week’s holiday in Pefkos on the island of Rhodes in Greece is due once I’ve sorted out all the photos but in the meantime today Debbie, Molly, Hamish & I had an adventure this morning and finally made it to the summit of Sugar Loaf mountain overlooking Abergavenny.

The four of us had tried it before but due to extreme heat and lack of provisions we had to turn back.  This time, with snacks and water secured from Waitrose we headed back to the car park and retraced our steps until overlooking the peak we turned right to ridge walk to the top.

It was quite cold and windy going up but we weren’t going to be beaten this time!  Note the embryonic goatie…
Molly jumped in the muddy pool to the back left and was running to visit the next one…

Although we didn’t see anyone en route from the small National Trust car park at the back of the mountain  (most people go up to the big car park via Sugar Loaf vineyard) there was a chap who took our photo before Debbie and I did the obligatory selfie on the reverse of the trig point.

For an older dog pushing 11 years old Hamish was incredible
Debs & I didn’t do too bad either!
View of Abergavenny & the River Usk from the top

We did it – hurray! 🙂


Famous Four Go To Sugar Loaf Mountain

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