Great Greek Cook Off


Do you remember the Intelligence Corps vs. Welsh Guards competition in my recent Paradise in Pefkos  post?  Well last night “battle lines” were drawn not between myself and Alan, but the two cooks of Debbie and Sian!

Playing at home Debbie opened with a Greek lamb tray bake while Sian countered with her Baklava & Greek honey cake

All this washed down with Australian white wine, Guinness, John Smiths bitter and lastly some Greek Ouzo  thanks to Amazon Prime!

Thankfully this morning we are still all friends at the conclusion of play as it was a draw and no one has betrayed their comrades by moving to Channel 4!

Here’s some photos 😆

A smart cook in more ways than one!
Ready for the oven
Last touches…
…and serve!
Suspiciously 2 portions were missing 😎
Yummy honey (cake)
Careful does it!

et fin!



Great Greek Cook Off

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