Molly and Hamish (in Barry Island)

Remenber Gavin and Stacey the TV comedy about an Englishman who falls in love with a Welsh woman, who both have wacky friends and families?

Well Stacey came from Barry Island which is on the coast not far from Cardiff airport and we decided to take Molly on her first visit to the seaside with Hamish in the Freelander given it was such a sunny day today.

This time I went to Newport via the A4042 and then onto the M4 westwards until the Penarth turnoff.  We were very lucky securing free parking right on the seafront which was very busy with a lot of building improvements going on while the weather held before the winter onslaught.

Heading across the beach towards the sea Molly was constantly running after her ball and picking it up despite all the salty water and sand gumming up her mouth that she look a lit rabid…but happy!  Old man Hamish just looked on slightly amused by her display of unbridled energy.

It looks dark on this photo but the sun was looking straighter into the iPhone camera lens
Molly didn’t hesitate going into the sea
Gavin and Stacey filmed outside this fish & chip shop in 2009

Molly and Hamish drank tap water from an unused food container from the chippie.  They looked on as Debbie and I tucked into our large cods and shared mushy peas and curry sauce.  I was naughty and had chips too!


After we finished we made our way back the short distance to the Freelander and headed off home, this time via Merthyr Vale and the A470, reaching Abergavenny via the Heads of the Valley road.

Realising there was rather a doggie pong emanating from the back of the truck we headed straight for the free car park and a quick dip in the Usk for a quick bath in clean water before heading home for a well deserved rest!


Molly and Hamish (in Barry Island)

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