Last of the Summer Wine…

Today both Debbie and I are feeling more like ourselves after shaking off the worst of our autumn colds.  It’s a Tuesday and market day here in Abergavenny so we were up early to drop James into work leaving the dogs behind in their crates in the kitchen.

It’s been ages since we pottered around the indoor market looking for bargains and blow me down we found a small porcelain tortoise identical to one Debbie’s mother Glenys owned and a history of the Intelligence Corps book for a fiver each.


Feeling happy with our purchases we made our way outside the market into the cafe next door where I’d spied a full English breakfast (bacon, sausage, fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms, buttered toast and a huge mug of tea) for £5.50!

We found ourselves sat on a table for two next to three Welsh OAPs, who reminded me of Compo, Clegg & Foggy from the Last of the Summer Wine TV show.  “Compo” was sat closest to my left and was a small wizened chap with a deep voice who seemed to know everybody. His friends comprised of two larger gentlemen who all shared the same dental affliction, namely only one tooth each!

When Compo’s breakfast porridge arrived it dawned on me why, in the middle of the oats was a golden swirl of golden syrup, but then he asked the waitress for a bowl of brown sugar.  Five or six heaped teaspoons later with some pained expressions from his companions and amazement from Debbie and I he tucked in with a raucous cackle…

Polishing off our fayre we bade farewell to the three amigos and headed off to the Blue Cross shop where James works and Debbie bagged herself a designer David Emanuel top for £5.95 which still had its price label on for £25 and obviously hadn’t been worn.

Eventually we got back to the Freelander and went back to Llanfoist to pick up the dogs for their first walk along the canal for quite a few days while we were both ill.  Both really enjoyed themselves with Molly desperate to get off the lead and go for a run, alas maybe tomorrow and we arrived back home around noon, missing the predicted rainfall for the rest of the day.

A good day so in our Welsh “escape”and slowly does it for the remainder! 😁


Last of the Summer Wine…

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