Nationalism Trumps Globalisation 

It’s a rather sanguine Shores family that’s awoken to the POTUS news in America.

The palpable shock seen amongst many of the political establishment and many of my old friends and colleagues, across the news channels and Facebook feeds, reminds me of the recent Brexit vote here in the U.K.

Not to that arch political pundit Debbie though, as the last thing I asked her before hitting the sack yesterday was who was going to win the Presidency & she replied “Trump“…

Now in my blog on the Brexit result I counselled “Keep Calm & Carry On” and I repeat the same message here.  It’s so tempting to overreact, a lesson I learnt in spades when working and receiving unwelcome news.  I always paused 24 hours before responding – by email especially!

So at the risk of being premature and ignoring my own advice, here’s my initial analysis of why so many got it wrong compared to my dear wife!

Essentially, I think there is a huge disconnect between the political and economic intelligencia, most whom tend to wear a pro-globalisation hat, when compared to the majority of voters of ordinary folks, who tend to be more concerned about national and local issues.

This discontinuity drives a desire to hold the political classes more accountable rather than just let them get on with it through blind faith.

Now as the dust settles over time we shall all see the true outcome for good or bad, but as many used to say in my previous working life “change is good, just not always comfortable”.  I think I concur…

Nationalism Trumps Globalisation 

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