The Grand Tour


Well, the day has finally arrived, to be precise two days after my first year’s Amazon Prime membership would have expired – thus ensuring a prompt renewal…  I never did like the subscription model! 😬

What’s he yaking on about now I can hear you ask?  Let me tell you. When Molly awoke this morning asking for her breakfast I casually went down with Debbie and offered to make some coffee while she saw to the hungry hound.  Thus earning some brownie points as we headed back to bed I politely enquired if we could watch some telly and of course she fell into my cunningly prepared trap.

Turning on the Sony Bluray player in our bedroom I booted up the Amazon Video app and “she who must be obeyed” thought a Christmas film was shortly to be enjoyed!  You can imagine the howls of anguish when she realised that her bette noir Jeremy Clarkson was going to be enjoyed for the next hour..

So what did I think of the first episode of the Grand Tour?  I honestly absolutely loved it, especially the opening when JC walks out of the BBC into pouring rain and heads off glumly to America.  He picks up a Ford Mustang muscle car on arrival with a smirk and then drives across the desert with James May and Richard Hammond in matching vehicles towards the new “tent”.  Great British Bake Off this isn’t though!

What did I really enjoy?  The three dead celebs and BTW that really was Carol Vordeman slumped in the tent according to Debbie.  The three hybrid cars from Porsche, Ferrari & McLaren were brilliant too and of course the rivalry between the three hosts was as good as ever – I can’t wait to see JC’s house being knocked down as a result of him losing the McLaren bet!

Downsides?  Maybe a bit too much pandering to the Yanks but I suppose they’re bankrolling it now post BBC.  Jokes about the RAF and the NASCAR racing driver expressing his view that everything non-American was communist wore a bit thin to me but on the whole both Debs and I thought it was excellent and so so much better than the rebooted Top Gear disaster.

Would I subscribe to Prime just on the basis of TGT?  The answer is no, but when you consider that 95% of our non food purchases come next day delivery via Amazon Prime and that we listen to Amazon Music all the time at home, it really was a no-brainer to pay the £79 renewal.  I can’t wait for episode two next week now!


The Grand Tour

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