Once I Was 57 Years Old…

I really love that song “once I was seven years old” but today is my 57th!

Now my initial goal in life was to beat Elvis in longevity, but 42 seems rather a long time ago now and definitely not that old!   Anyway, as any “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fan knows, 42 is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” not a longevity target…

So that got me thinking about three famous people who passed away aged 57 and what I would need to avoid in order to get to 58.

So in no particular order…

Sir Thomas More (beheaded)

Prince (overdose)

Humphrey Bogart (cancer)

Now none of those particular options appeals to me so I’ve decided, for now, just to sit back and relax today, open my presents and calmly look forward to next year’s birthday with fingers crossed instead.

Toodle pip! 😇


First Debbie cooked me breakfast with the bacon sourced from our local Abergavenny butchers, the only place that still leaves the rind on, yum!

Worryingly Debbie seems to have taken out a life insurance on me recently…

Next came the presents but not just for me as today is also James’ 29th birthday too!

Two sets of presents for James & yours truly!

James had asked for a large bottle (1.75 litre) of Crystal Head vodka, so I played a joke on him by making him unwrap a tiny 5 cl bottle in huge wrapping first.

Oh dear, it’s rather small….

Debbie & I had picked up Emma’s boyfriend Josh from Newport the previous evening, before heading off to Cardiff airport to pick up Emma from Glasgow on her late arrival  flight  As a result we had the two lovebirds watching us unwrap our presents for the first time!

Molly ignoring the presents in favour of Josh’s toast

Next came my turn with a pure silk Intelligence Corps tie & bottle of Ouzo from the boys, Brut smellies from Emma and Josh and some tequila and a salmon pink T-shirt from Debs!

I got loads of birthday cards too, but one from Alex and Emily in London caused me a double take and you can see why in the photos below! 🙂

Once I Was 57 Years Old…

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