Going to the Dogs at Christmas

What’s he on about now I can hear you say?  Well I love Molly very much and after so many years I can just about tolerate Hamish, but one of the downsides of our abode here in Llanfoist with 2 resident dogs is that our little enclosed rear garden turns rather muddy after a bit of rain.

Oh and we have had a leatherjacket (daddy longlegs larvae to you) infestation attacking what grass remains after the dogs bound around and do what comes naturally in terms of number 1’s and 2’s if you get my drift.  I remember in 85 Foxwood many years ago when we had Tom we paved over the rear garden for hygiene reasons but we didn’t want to repeat that here in Llanfoist, especially with the gradual slope down to the garage.

Yesterday as fate would have it a chap came round the estate posting leaflets through the letterbox just as I was about to go out in the Freelander.  I thought nothing more of it until I got home when I had an excited Debbie regale me of the benefits of an “Easigrass” installation by the local franchisee in Llangynidr, near Crickhowell.


After a little thought I phoned the number and asked for someone to come round and give us a quote which today at 1pm Beth promptly arrived in her artificial grass covered Smart car!  Hamish was upstairs with Debbie listening to some music and Molly was in her crate while I looked at the two recommended samples and decided to go for the “Kensington” dog friendly option.

Now what is involved is slightly more than cutting out a bit of “astroturf’ and laying it on top of the existing grass!  Nope, about 5cm of existing turf is taken up and removed off site, a weed barrier membrane installed along with a compacted aggregate base lying beneath 3 joined pieces of Kensington Easigrass.  This is then dressed off with silica infill and then finished off by hand using a mechanical brush, not a DIY job methinks.

The thought of no more mud being trailed into the house, easier cleaning up in the garden after the canine two, plus no more lawn mowing for yours truly as decrepit old age marches on relentlessly seemed to outweigh the not inconsiderable quotation cost in my mind, despite it being only just less than the price of my old Freelander…  Gulp!

Look out for updates as the installation proceeds, as I’m just paying the 50% deposit and we’re promised completion in time for Christmas.  Aren’t Molly & Hamish lucky with their surprise present?



Going to the Dogs at Christmas

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