If Paradise is Half as Nice…

Debbie and I had another busy day in our Abergavenny paradise with two visits to the town hall.  The first was to meet up with James who was manning (or should I say elfing) a table in the indoor market on behalf of his Blue Cross employers.


He looked a little hungry elf so after making a purchase of a Christmas cushion I went over and got him a ham salad roll for his lunch from the nearby stall…

The second visit was actually to the Borough theatre which is on the first & second floor of the town hall in the evening to see rock guitarist Andy Fairweather Low who had a string of hits in the sixties as a member of a group called Amen Corner.

His drummer, bass guitarist and saxophonist were all incredible and we enjoyed a fantastic 2 hour set with hits such as Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me, If Paradise is Half as Nice and High in the Sky.

Nice video of Wide Eyed & Legless taken by a member of the audience±

We walked home afterwards in light rainfall, but not before we took this picture of the High St. which says it all really!


If Paradise is Half as Nice…

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