Abergavenny Christmas Food Festival 2016

After dropping James off in town for work first thing this morning, we parked up and went for breakfast at Luigi’s as usual.  I say “we” but more accurately I had the full English and shared a pot of tea with Debs, who had her usual toasted teacake with marmalade instead of butter.

A slim Debbie looking smug as she watches me devour my unhealthy breakfast…

By the time we settled the bill it was just after 10am, so with perfect timing we strolled down the High Street and paid our £5 entry fee each for wristband access into the Christmas food festival.   This being held in and around the town hall indoor market and also at the Priory.

Above to the right is the Borough theatre where James saw Elvis “live” last night with his work colleague Phil, very good apparently!

At the latter there was a butcher from a farm in Talybont called Coity Bach who had their own baby goat meat for sale, it reminded me of a fine lunch out in Rhodes earlier this year with Sian & Alan, so we bought some for a curry tonight!


At another stall I spotted something that will have to remain secret until the 25th December that will make an excellent mini-present for James.

[photo to be added 25/12/16]

We also spotted a local brewer who was selling beers named after the three largest mountains round here that Debbie & I have claimed in 2016, namely Blorenge, Skirrid & Sugar Loaf.  Alas they’d sold out but we now know which local stockists in town sell them for the future.

We then made our way back to the Blue Cross shop were James was acting manager to show our support and then made our way back home via Waitrose to take the hounds out.  It comprised of a walk for Hamish and the usual chase the tennis ball, lay down in a mud pool and swim in the Usk for Molly…

After towelling dry the hounds we relaxed for a few hours before going back to the food festival and the wider Christmas celebrations.  Despite being a grinch when it comes to spending money I spotted the “Mighty Soft Shell Crab” stall and immediately “shelled” out the £6.50 for the crab deep fired in tempura batter, served in a flatbread with crème fraîche & chilli sauce.  Yum!

Crab selfie – is it me or am I turning into Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall?

By this time we still had a bit longer to wait for James shop to close at 4pm so we decided to visit the Hen & Chickens pub for some liquid refreshment (large dry white Pinot Grigio wine for the lady and a pint of Brains Dark for the gent) while listening to an out of tune lady sing with a jazz quartet in the lounge.  Fortunately being outside the sound was deafened somewhat so we were able to enjoy our drink before heading off towards James.


On the way the local Round Table club had managed to persuade Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas to have their photo taken (for a small donation) with good little boys and girls so pushing them out of the way Debbie muscled her way to Santa’s lap and gave him a kiss afterwards…

Mrs Christmas’ knee was too far away so I had to crouch!

We also saw this rather elegant carriage with two horses taking families out for a ride around town just outside the town hall.


Onwards & upwards – it’s not long now! 🙂

Abergavenny Christmas Food Festival 2016

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