Green Green Grass of Home – Day 1

An empty skip was delivered very early yesterday into our drive all ready for Chris Carpenter’s team of three who arrived promptly at 10am today, just after some aggregate in a large sack was delivered by lorry.  Our new artificial rear lawn is on the way!


Their first job, despite the light rain constantly falling, was to remove the patchy grass turf using a cutting machine and then disposing of the rolled up layers into the skip by wheelbarrow.

Skip “parked” next to the Galaxy

It was muddy, cold, backbreaking work but done very efficiently and so by lunchtime the bare earth was being covered with a plant resistant membrane ready for the layering on of the aggregate.

Turf cutting machine parked to right of garage, membrane now in position

Sadly Molly and Hamish had to spend most of the time in their crates so Debbie and I took them for a rather wet walk over at the lower Llanfoist canal walk late afternoon.

When we got back the team had departed due to the late arrival of a second load of aggregate but we were really pleased with the progress so far!

One skip full of turf ready for exit!
Looking good for tomorrow!

Thankfully the weather is looking much drier according to all the forecasts we’ve seen and we have the first drop tomorrow of the second load of aggregate so fingers crossed we’ll be all done by COB tomorrow!


Green Green Grass of Home – Day 1

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