Green Green Grass of Home – Day 2

I’m feeling pretty smug this morning having just removed (cleanly) two of Molly’s “deposits” on our Easigrass this morning!  OMG it’s so much easier than real, muddy grass – I feel Christmas has come early!

The weather was kind to us yesterday and it kept dry all day thank goodness.  When Chris and his team arrived we’d already taken delivery of more of the pink crushed hardcore and the compactor was hard at work all morning.  By the time they finished around lunchtime the base was a smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom.

After a brief stop for lunch Chris told me that if I wanted to use the skip to help clear out any rubbish they that was included in the price so I got to work with old redundant furniture being emptied from the double garage – I can’t believe how empty it looks now!

After that was completed I noticed on Chris’ van the 3 rolls of Easigrass were lashed onto its roof and Chris drove round the side of the house so that they could be lifted across the wall into our rear garden.

In the background you can see the work is well advanced on the remaining flats & house, we can’t wait for the kiddies play area to be landscaped where the temporary car park is! 
Laid in three strips leading away from the house he thoughtfully had moved our washing line and concreted it in place beforehand.  To be honest it looked a lot better where he positioned it…

Finally the cutting of the grass was done in the same way as carpet is laid out but after that a few things were different, like the 20 bags of fine grade silica sand brushed and hammered into the grass to give it added weight and the pinning of the three areas of trash that led onto paths.

Laying the “carpet” – 20 of those bags of sand were brushed in afterwards
Finally a quick wash of the grass, surrounding walls, paths and driveways and I was ready to say goodbye and thank them for their tremendous efforts.

No more mud!
A lot of money for sure but worth it, Debbie & I are really pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone.  Even Molly was grinning afterwards!

Molly says “nice toilet”…
Green Green Grass of Home – Day 2

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